Rosso all'Antica

Rosso all’Antica



Reggiano Lambrusco Doc
Sparkling dry red wine

This is one of our best Lambrusco selections from the current harvest. The name aims to recall how this wine is created fully respecting the ancient traditions, while exploiting the most modern vinification techniques. Selected from the best ruby coloured Lambrusco grapes, with a particularly slow and attentive vinification. With a full ruby red colour, winey and strong, Rosso all’Antica blends its important body with the classic liveliness of Lambrusco. Ideal served with typical Emilia cuisine, cured meats, roasts and game. Its full body and balance can also hold their own when combined with more challenging dishes like brazed and grilled meats. 


Serving temperature: 14-16°C.


Alcohol by volume 11,5%.


Also available in 0.375 l bottles.