Our Company

Being part of the territory, living the territory, being the territory: the headquarters inaugurated in 2008 express the philosophy which has always characterised the Alfredo Bertolani wine business. Just a stone’s throw from the town centre where the first wine cellar stood, today the headquarters lie in the centre of an open space surrounded by the countryside. Open, to welcome, innovate and blend into the landscape in the best possible way.


The choice of continuing to work in the heart of Spergola territory meets two specific requirements: it underlines the centrality of wine growing in the history and geography of Scandiano, attracting an increasing number of people from around the world and showing them all the beauty and potential of this land.


The building’s large wooden structures, the surrounding green spaces, its reduced height and renewable energies: everything contributes to protecting the environment, an essential element for living and transmitting an authentic culture of wine growing.

The headquarters have:


 A large underground rainwater collection tank


 Internal insulation reducing heat dispersion and offering heat savings of 60-70% compared to the minimum statutory levels


 Underfloor heating throughout the production area


 A fully integrated photovoltaic system producing electricity


 A basement floor used for wine ageing


The Alfredo Bertolani environmental management system is certified to standard

UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 ed EMAS

The new headquarters also offered the opportunity to develop a total quality system, including the computerised control of second fermentation processes and the total review of the production processes to avoid oxidation of the wine in every stage.


This is all certified to standard UNI EN ISO 22000:2018

The premises in Via Pedemontana 10 house the company offices, suitable space for ageing vintage wines in both bottles and barrels, a reception area for visitors and a showroom displaying antique bottles and equipment and telling the story of the local area and the technological progress in the wine sector.

Cantina Alfredo Bertolani, since 1925.